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Waterfront work sessions underway this fall

Bellingham's Waterfront District

The Bellingham City Council is continuing work sessions to discuss proposed plans for the downtown Waterfront District.

These meetings will be held in the City Council Chambers at Bellingham City Hall, 210 Lottie Street. Agendas, minutes and meeting videos will be published on the City website. The meetings are aired live as they occur on BTV10, live-streamed on the City website, and are posted for on-demand viewing.

Bellingham City Council President Seth Fleetwood said that work by the Council's Downtown/Waterfront Committee will proceed through September, with further deliberations by the full City Council beginning in October. Dates for further Council deliberations have not yet been finalized, he said. Written comments on the proposed plans will be accepted by the City Council throughout the decision-making process, and should be directed to the Bellingham City Council office.

Legislative process expected to be complete by end of year

The Bellingham Planning and Development Commission completed review of draft regulatory documents and plans for the Waterfront District in June 2013, voting 7-0 to accept the proposal as amended through their discussions and to forward a recommendation of approval to the City Council. The Bellingham City Council began its work with a project overview on July 15 and a public hearing on Aug. 5, and has stated a goal of completing this process before the end of 2013. More information and all documents can be found on the City website: Waterfront District Planning

Updated:  September 24, 2013

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