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City Performance Measures - How well is the City doing on long-range goals?


See for yourself using the scorecards in the City Performance Measures database available online at   Designed to provide detailed facts over time that reflect progress on City goals, the Performance Measures contain a wealth of information about both our community at large, and ongoing City-led efforts.

The foundation of the City's performance measure system is the long-term Legacies and Strategic Commitments, adopted in 2009.  These high-level policy statements are intended to be visionary, reflecting the priority and emphasis of City government programs and services.  The City Council adopted legacy statement is:

"We are working today so future generations will benefit from..."

Click on each Legacy to see a "scorecard" to view the associated metrics.  Each Legacy scorecard includes a variety of community indicators that require community partnership to change results, as well as City measures that best reflect how well the City is contributing to the Legacies and Strategic Commitments. 

A video at the bottom of the page provides information on navigating the database.  The City is conducting public outreach efforts to raise awareness about this useful information tool.

For more information on outreach efforts, contact Nicole Oliver, I.T. Project and Training Manager at or 360.778.8078.

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Published: Mar 30, 2012

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