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Survey seeks ideas to improve City walkability

Pedestrians in Fairhaven

People throughout Bellingham are invited to learn about pedestrian issues and help shape the City's plans to improve walkability and provide more support for "active" city-wide modes of transportation, through surveys, workshops, BTV10 presentations and more.

"The Bellingham Pedestrian Master Plan is being developed during 2011 to help create a safe, well-connected and attractive walking environment for all members of the community," said Ted Carlson, Public Works Director.

The planning process is being led by the City of Bellingham and its consultants: Portland-based Alta Planning + Design and the non-profit Walkable and Livable Communities Institute (WALC), based in Port Townsend.

"Walkability isn't just about the walker," said Dan Burden, co-founder and director of the WALC Institute. "Especially in Bellingham, there is incredible opportunity to enhance the quality of life, economic prosperity and health of everyone—no matter what mode of transportation they choose—by becoming more walkable and livable."

Once adopted, the pedestrian plan will be incorporated into the Transportation Element of the City's Comprehensive Plan, which will be updated later in 2011.

More information

Take the survey, learn more about the Pedestrian Master Plan.


Updated: May 19, 2011

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