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Council Member Jack Weiss

Council Member Jack Weiss


Represents: 1st Ward
Term: Jan 2012 - Dec 201

Jack Weiss was elected to the Bellingham City Council in 2007. In 2015 Jack was elected to his fourth year as Chair of the Planning Committee. He also serves as a member of the Lake Whatcom Reservoir and Natural Resources Committee and the Parks and Recreation Committee. Jack serves as liaison to the Bellingham Library Board and is a member of the Whatcom Transportation Authority Board.

Jack's decision to run for Bellingham City Council reflects his strong interest in community service.  His interest professionally and personally has centered on improving the quality of life in our neighborhoods such as ensuring sound land use planning and economic development opportunities for our community, providing outdoor recreational opportunities and by creating and implementing environmentally sustainable programs. The focus of his efforts has been to be a positive force by developing, strengthening, and realizing programs that make a difference in our community.  

Jack's past pro-business, pro-environment career experiences include: Whatcom County Recycling Coordinator setting up incentives and cost-saving programs for businesses and residents such as countywide curbside recycling; Executive Director of an affordable housing non-profit business for 550 people with 25 employees; Administrator (Principal) for Whatcom Hills Waldorf School and; Project Manager for a variety of non-profit business programs.  

He has been influential in setting up a number of important programs such as being the primary architect of the Greenways III levy 2005-2006.  He also set up the materials re-use program that evolved into today's successful and popular RE Store.  Jack has been the President of the Birchwood Neighborhood Association, a three term member of the Greenways Advisory Committee and has been the Executive Director for Oeser Cedar Cleanup Coalition (a neighborhood oversight organization monitoring the clean-up of the County's only federal Superfund toxic site).  

Jack has been honored as Re Sources 2007 Environmental Hero Award as Former Executive Director and Washington State Recycler of the Year for Outstanding Contributions to Recycling and Market Development.  As the lead staff member, he has also received the Washington State Best Government Program Award for Comprehensive Recycling and Waste Reduction and the National Recycling Coalition's Most Innovative Local Market Development Award.

The focus of Jack's work on Council is:  

His list derives from hundreds of conversations with residents and business-owners in Bellingham.  Jack wants to continue this discussion with you and invites your suggestions on maintaining and improving the quality of life we have in Bellingham. 

Contact Information

2805 Cedarwood Avenue
Bellingham, WA 98225
Phone: (360)738-2103

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