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Rules of Practice and Procedure

Section 1: General Provisions
Chapter 19: Exhibit Lists

(a) An initial exhibit list shall be prepared by the Office of the Hearing Examiner identifying all documents submitted to the Examiner as part of the record prior to preparation of the agenda for the hearing. This list shall be included in the agenda packet for the hearing.
(b) Additional exhibits received and admitted during the hearing process shall be added to the exhibit list.
(c) Parties and interested persons are encouraged to submit exhibits at least seven (7) days prior to the hearing date. Copies of exhibits submitted less than seven (7) days prior to the hearing, and of all exhibits consisting of more than ten (10) pages regardless of the date submitted, shall be served on all parties to an appeal at the time of or prior to filing with the Examiner, and should be provided to the Department, the Recording Clerk, and the applicant in all matters. A reasonable number of copies, taking into consideration the expected interest in the matter, should be provided for interested persons at hearings other than appeal hearings.

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