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Development Guidelines & Improvement Standards
11-2.06 Capacity Analysis

Subsection: 11-2.06 Capacity Analysis

11-2.06 Capacity Analysis

A capacity analysis will be conducted for all public road intersections impacted by the proposed development and for all private property access points to street adjacent to the proposed development as specified in the traffic study requirements form and within the limits of the previously defined study area.

The PM, and any other peak period specified by the Public Works Department, will be tested to determine which peak hours need to be analyzed.

Capacity calculations should also include an analysis for cumulative impacts.

At 4-way stop sign intersections, estimates of the delay per vehicle and queue lengths on critical approaches must be provided.

At 2-way stop intersections, the unsignalized intersection analysis contained in the Highway Capacity Manual must be used.
Revised: 01/01/1990

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