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Current Bids, Request for Proposals or Requests for Qualifications

Interested vendors may view and download the documents. To view or download documents, vendors must first be registered on the plan holder's list for each solicitation.

The planholder's list is the way in which the City will notify vendors of changes in the bid specifications. All changes to bid specifications will be issued by the Purchasing Office. The City will notify plan holders by the communications means selected by the planholder (Fax, Email, or U.S. Mail). The City will make a reasonable effort to notify bidders of changes; however the sole responsibility lies upon the bidder to inquire if a change has been issued prior to the bid opening time and date. Please visit the web site at City of Bellingham Purchasing Office or call the Purchasing office at 360-778-7750 to verify addenda prior to submitting a bid.
Solicitation #Closing DateSolicitation NameDescription

02/27/2015Next Generation Integrated Library SystemReplace Integrated Library System

02/20/2015Video Content Training ProgramVideo Preparation Training Program

02/12/2015Toward Net Zero Rainwater Harvesting Retro-Fit of the Public Works Operations Facility, EV-0102Project consists of demolition, excavation, trenching, site preparation, earthwork, fill and grading; construction of new structural reinforced concrete foundation; new piping and pumps; earthwork backfill; furnishing and placement of 18,000 gallon water tank; related specialties, connections to existing lines and drains; and, electrical work.

01/30/2015Soda AshSoda Ash

01/29/2015Boulevard Park Sewer ImprovementsThe improvement consists of all labor and materials for the installation of a new sewer service line and lift station at the City of Bellingham's Boulevard Park. The new service will include but not limited to the installation of new grease trap, HDPE gravity line, lift station, HDPE pressurized line and site restoration. A portion of the work is located in an area of contaminated soils that will be monitored and tested during the construction process. A portion of this project is located within the South State Street Manufactured Gas Plant site, a Model Toxics Control Act cleanup site. Contaminated soils will need to be stockpiled on site and disposed in accordance with all Local, State and Federal regulations. Work will need to be planned, scheduled and performed to limit disruption of existing sewer service to a private business within the park and facilities for park users.

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