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Rules of Practice and Procedure

Section 2: Rules of General Application
Chapter 17: Motions

(a) All motions, other than those made during a hearing, shall be in writing, and shall state the order or relief requested and the grounds for the motion. Every motion and answering statement and accompanying papers, shall be served on each party representative on the day it is filed with the Hearing Examiner.
(b) Within seven (7) days after service of any written motion, or such longer or shorter period of time as may be designated by the Hearing Examiner, the other party(ies) shall file a written answer. When the Hearing Examiner has received the answering statement(s), or the seven (7) days or other period of time designated by the Hearing Examiner has elapsed, the Hearing Examiner shall rule on the motion.
(c) Prior to ruling the Hearing Examiner may, in the Examiner’s discretion, call for oral argument at the Examiner’s own initiature or at the request of a party.
(d) For motions made at hearing or for motions made for the extension of time or the expedition of hearings, the Hearing Examiner may waive the requirements of this section and may also rule upon such motions orally.

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