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Rules of Practice and Procedure

Section 2: Rules of General Application
Chapter 15: Witnesses

(a) All witnesses testifying at hearing must take an oath or affirmation to be truthful. All witnesses in an appeal hearing are subject to cross-examination by the other party(ies).
(b) The rules of privilege shall be effective to the extent recognized by law.
(c) Hearing Examiner hearings are open to the public. In appeal hearings persons who are not parties and who are not called as witnesses by parties may be permitted to testify at the discretion of the Examiner.
(d) The Examiner may limit the length of testimony to expedite the proceedings and avoid the necessity to continue the hearing. If parties are unable to complete their arguments and testimony within the allotted time, an opportunity will be granted to submit written materials after the close of the hearing; other parties will be allowed an opportunity to offer written rebuttal to any such materials.
(e) At the discretion of the Examiner, or where the parties agree and the rights of the parties will not be prejudiced, the Examiner may allow testimony via telephone or television or similar electronic means. Each party to the proceeding shall have the opportunity to hear (or, if televised, to both hear and see) testimony given in this manner and to question the person giving such testimony.