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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 09, 2014, 06:00 PM

City Council Chambers

City Hall, 210 Lottie Street

The City of Bellingham Hearing Examiner will hold a public hearing to take testimony on the following proposals:

1. CUP2014-00002 / VAR2014-00007: A Conditional Use Permit to a non-conforming duplex within a single-family zone. This change in non-conforming use includes moving the location of one of the existing units from the upper floor of the existing building into the second floor of a proposed addition. The proposed building addition will also require a setback variance for the required 10-foot rear yard setback. The property is located at 911 14th Street, and legally described as Bellingham Bay Land Co's First Add to Fairhaven, Lots 32 - 34, Blk 37. Fred Wagner, Grinstad & Wagner Architects, applicant; Vince and Melinda Crocker, owners. Residential Single, Detached Land Use Designation. South Hill Neighborhood, Area 4A.

4-9-14 Staff Report - 911 14th St..pdf4-9-14 Staff Report - 911 14th St..pdf 4-9-14 Exhibits - 911 14th St..pdf4-9-14 Exhibits - 911 14th St..pdf

2. VAR2014-00009: Variance request to reduce the flanking side-yard setback from the required 40 feet from centerline of the W. Connecticut right-of-way to 38 feet. The variance would allow for the expansion of a single-family residence that was constructed prior to development regulations. The project is located at 2631 Utter Street, and legally described as Lot 17, Block 150, North Street Addition to Bellingham. Dannon Traxlor, owner/applicant. Residential Single Land Use Designation. Columbia Neighborhood, Area 3.

4-9-14 Staff Report - 2631 Utter St..pdf4-9-14 Staff Report - 2631 Utter St..pdf 4-9-14 Exhibits - 2631 Utter St..pdf4-9-14 Exhibits - 2631 Utter St..pdf

3. VAR2014-00005: Request for Setback Variance at 2202 Electric Avenue (lengthy legal). Standard setback is 20 feet from the edge of the right-of-way because it is across Electric Avenue from residentially zoned property. The applicant is request a reduction of the 20-foot setback to zero feet in order to locate an already permitted boathouse in a location where it avoids conflict with existing features, such as mature trees and vegetation, a retaining wall, public facilities and stormwater infiltration facilities. Whatcom Rowing Association, applicant; Jeff McClure, RMC Architects, contact person; City of Bellingham Parks Department, owner. Public, Recreational Land Use Designation. Silver Beach Neighborhood, Area 12.

4-9-14 Staff Report - 2202 Electric.pdf4-9-14 Staff Report - 2202 Electric.pdf 4-9-14 Exhibits - 2202 Electric.pdf4-9-14 Exhibits - 2202 Electric.pdf

4. CUP2014-00001 / SUB2014-00001 / VAR2014-00001: Consideration of a two-lot short plat, known as the Randhawa Short Plat #2453, and an associated variance from street abutment requirements for property located at 1015 Samish Way (lengthy legal). Currently the existing single-family residence is located on the same lot as the Evergreen Motel. The short plat would establish separate lots for the residence and motel. The variance is requested to allow the lot with the single-family residence to not abut on a public street and allow access via easements. The Evergreen Motel is a nonconforming use, established in 1937. A conditional use permit is required to allow the motel on a smaller parcel of land. The proposal does not result in any changes to the current use of the property. K. Randhawa, owner/applicant; Ali Taysi, contact person. Residential Single Land Use Designation. Samish Neighborhood, Area 4.

4-9-14 Staff Report - 1015 Samish Way.pdf4-9-14 Staff Report - 1015 Samish Way.pdf 4-9-14 Exhibits - 1015 Samish Way.pdf4-9-14 Exhibits - 1015 Samish Way.pdf 5. SUB2014-00003 / VAR2014-00003: Consideration of a Plat Alteration of Lots 3 and 4 of the Edgemoor Manor Plat, as allowed by RCW 58.17.215, to further subdivide the combined area of these lots into a total of four lots. Two of these lots would contain the existing residences at 104 and 106 Bayside Place. The two newly created lots would be accessed from Cowgill Avenue. All lots would have site areas compliant with the 7,200 square foot zoning requirement. The variance is requesting relief from the requirements to construct Cowgill Avenue to standard (which includes additional widening and sidewalks) and relief from the extension of water and sewer mains in Cowgill Avenue. Christine Myers and Stephen Regulinski, owners/applicants. Residential Single Land Use Designation. Edgemoor Neighborhood, Area 2.

4-9-14 Staff Report - 104 Bayside.pdf4-9-14 Staff Report - 104 Bayside.pdf 4-9-14 Exhibits - 104 Bayside.pdf4-9-14 Exhibits - 104 Bayside.pdf

The full applications are available for viewing at the address listed below. Staff reports will be available at the Planning Department approximately one week before the hearing.

You may comment on the proposal by sending written comments to the Planning Department, City Hall, 210 Lottie Street, Bellingham, WA 98225. All written comments should be received during office hours before the hearing, or you may submit them at the hearing if you include an additional copy for the recording secretary. You may also request a copy of the Hearing Examiner’s decision and your appeal rights.

The City of Bellingham complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The hearing assistance system is now available. If you need special accommodations please call the Hearing Examiner office 752-1149 (voice) or 676-6883 (TDD) at least one day prior to the hearing.

Note: This hearing will be recorded.