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All Businesses registered in the City of Bellingham

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BusinessRegistration Date
1 Alpha Federal Logistics5/2/2012
1 Heron Pond Studio8/29/2001
10th Street Massage Therapy8/29/2000
11th Street Offices2/4/2008
12th Street Shoes10/23/2003
13 Nails & Spa4/23/2009
2020 Engineering4/21/1999
20th Century Bowling6/16/1997
2nd Story Construction4/24/2001
2nd Wind Productions6/22/2012
3 D Computer Center8/1/1987
3 Kings Contracting Group4/28/2008
3 Monkeys Publishing4/16/2012
3 Oms Yoga6/15/2009
360 Design6/11/2008
360 Healthcare Staffing4/29/2010
360 Productions7/19/2010
360 Surveillance5/9/2012
3M Unitek Corporation11/24/1997
3six0 Music8/5/2011
4th Corner Network10/1/1984
4th Corner Software7/11/2011
7-Eleven Store #2360-19648 D5/19/2006
7-Eleven Store #2360-23138 D7/8/2010
7-Eleven Store #2360-23140 C8/14/2003
7th Day Enterprise3/11/2010
99c Max8/27/2008
A-1 Builders7/1/1987
A-1 Cleaners8/27/2010
A-1 Gutters4/1/1989
A-1 Handyman Plus6/6/2006
A-1 Landscape Design4/27/2012
A-1 Mt Baker Drywall2/27/2004
A-1 Reglazing1/25/2008
A-1 Shredding12/3/2007
A-1 Welding2/18/1994
A-Ace Bail Bonds7/1/2002
A-Affordable Bail Bonds7/15/2005
A 1 Express4/15/2010
A 1 Master Service10/21/1999
A 1 Septic12/19/2011
A A Anderson Company2/1/1948
A A Doors2/26/1996
A B Crepes4/27/2012
A B Enterprise3/3/1997
A Behavioral Practice2/1/2008
A Better Life Through Therapy and Healing4/11/2011
A Body of Motion11/29/1994
A Boy A Girl & A Squeegee9/4/2002
A Briteway Window Cleaning2/7/2005
A Cut Above2/1/1975
A D Wagner & Associates12/20/2004
A DeVries Construction6/11/2009
A Door Above1/28/2010
A Fresh Cut Express5/3/2012
A G Concrete Construction6/1/1990
A Gift for All Reasons2/4/2004
A Healing Space5/30/2007
A Home Center10/19/2011
A J Deeny Consulting2/1/1990
A Little Darling School7/13/2004
A Lot of Flowers7/29/1997
A New Leaf Flower Shoppe5/12/2008
A OK Auto Transport7/8/2003
A Personal View8/5/2010
A Que Tacos3/25/2011
A R Hair Designs1/12/2004
A Tru Color Salon & Tanning8/26/1991
A W Asian Bistro5/25/2006
A Way to Heal9/4/2002
A & E Electric7/2/2007
A & E Factory Service11/16/2007
A & E Insulation12/22/2003
A & H Construction10/18/2005
A & K Commercial Cleaning4/23/2007
A & V General Construction5/6/2011
AAA Fire & Safety4/1/1987
AAA Kartak Glass & Closet2/18/2009
AAA Washington4/22/1994
AAAA Plastic Surgery6/8/1993
Aabco Barricade Company9/14/1999
Aaction Excavating8/11/2008
Aah Massage10/20/2009
Aaron's Sales & Lease6/25/2008
Aaron Long Roofing6/12/2008
Abacus Electric Company5/4/2010
ABB Inc8/8/1994
Abbey Garden Tea Room, The4/10/1998
Abbott Construction Company8/14/1997
ABC Building Maintenance5/11/2000
ABC Home Repair Contracting7/22/2002
ABC Landscaping2/10/2011
ABC Special Event Rentals11/23/2009
Abdominal Fix5/24/2011
Abel Construction7/16/1999
Abercrombie & Fitch #7696/23/2000
Abiding Light Enterprises1/26/2006
Abigail L Worden2/1/2010
Able Marine Services6/12/2012
Able Repair & Painting7/2/2007
ABM Health1/23/2012
ABM Janitorial Services4/1/1970
About Face Skin Care10/20/2008
ABR Roofing10/16/2009
Abrige Corp6/25/2008
Absco Alarms6/6/1997
Absolute Services9/30/2011
Absolutely Clean Cleaning Service2/20/2003
Absolutely Nuts2/2/2012
Abstract Electric7/27/2011
ABW Construction10/26/2011
Abydos Development Services4/7/2011
Academy of Kung Fu Qigong & Tai Chi6/20/2005
Accents Health & Beauty Salon11/27/2001
Accentuate Professional Consulting1/16/2009
Accentuations Salon2/22/2000
Access Enterprise11/27/1995
Access Living4/17/2007
Access Networks9/12/2011
Access One Pharmaceutical Services1/15/2009
Access Real Estate Services3/19/2010
Accessible You Construction10/26/2011
Acco Engineered Systems12/20/1999
Accrete Construction1/18/2011
Accurate Accounting8/1/1977
Accurate Airguns3/2/2005
Accurate Lock & Security8/30/1994
Ace Cash Express #92994/5/2006
Ace Electric6/22/2011
Ace Installations10/27/2009
Ace Masonry4/23/1996
Aces Tutoring10/2/2007
Acker Electric3/24/2008
Ackermann Electric7/1/1988
Acme Foods1/27/2012
Acme Tree Works1/26/2007
Acoma Digital Productions6/4/2002
Acorn Carpentry & Tile11/9/2009
ACS Computer Service7/8/2003
Act On Electric3/30/2010
Action Cleaning Services1/31/2001
Action Concrete Cutting8/6/1992
Action Glass1/13/1995
Action Pages5/19/2008
Activate Cellular10/20/1997
Active Earth Designs9/23/2004
Active Electric11/12/2010
Active Engineering3/9/2011
Active Network, The2/28/2008
Acupuncture Health Clinic4/4/2008
AcuTech Group3/9/2009
AC/DC Electrical12/5/2011
Adam Nash Photography5/1/2012
Adams Property Management5/12/1993
Adaptive Installations6/17/2009
Additude Creative Marketing7/2/2004
Adelstein Sharpe & Serka11/1/1984
Adia Designs4/11/2008
Adich Clinic4/22/1997
ADK Electric12/8/2010
ADP Commercial Leasing2/3/2004
ADP Employer Services11/2/1998
ADP Screening & Selection Services Inc10/6/2003
Adriana M Phillips1/29/2009
ADS Environmental Services2/7/2008
ADT Security Services6/7/1991
Advance America #8177/2/2001
Advance Electric4/8/2010
Advance Tutoring Services3/1/2011
Advanced Audiology & Hearing Aid Services8/11/2011
Advanced Choices4/26/2006
Advanced Classroom Technologies1/29/2009
Advanced Combustion Systems4/9/1998
Advanced Computer Design7/29/2011
Advanced Construction5/29/2008
Advanced Construction & Design7/7/2009
Advanced Electric6/5/2008
Advanced Environmental Solutions3/15/2002
Advanced Fire Protection2/27/1992
Advanced Fireproofing & Insulation Company9/8/2008
Advanced Pest Control9/13/2001
Advanced Powder Coating NW1/8/2007
Advanced Power10/25/2010
Advanced Solar Energy4/27/2011
Advanced Sports Chiropractic6/2/2006
Advanced Tile & Grout1/20/2010
Advanced Traffic Products3/23/2010
Advanced Vision6/5/2007
Advancement Northwest1/22/2010
Advantage Billing & Claims Service7/16/2008
Advantage Multisport3/27/2006
Advantage Vending & Distribution1/17/2001
Advent Construction Services9/22/1997
Adventures Down Under9/8/1993
Adventures in Remodeling11/25/2003
Adventures NW9/28/2005
Advocare International10/3/2000
Aero 241/27/1999
Aero Properties10/27/1994
Aeropostale #5359/12/2003
Aerotech Golf1/20/2006
Aesculap Inc6/5/1997
Aetea Information Technology12/11/2003
Affolter Clinic4/12/2007
Affolter Construction4/26/2012
Affordable Acupuncture Healing Center6/23/2006
Affordable Business Systems8/28/2001
Affordable Home Works4/14/2008
Affordable Ignition Interlock of Washington6/15/2011
Affordable Information1/1/2000
AFP Systems6/17/2011
Ageless Smiles1/30/2012
Aggregates West2/3/1999
Aggressive Repair & Maintenance11/1/2005
Agilent Technologies9/5/2000
Agility Translations5/13/2011
Agincourt Strategies3/9/2011
Agri-Bay Roasting9/26/2003
Ahead of the Curve Style Consultants1/9/2009
Aiki Homes7/11/2008
Aimee J Gunderson2/7/2012
Aimee W Kunnap MA LMHC6/12/2006
Air Health Services12/9/2008
Air Play Party Rental12/10/2009
Air Systems Engineering2/24/1997
Airgas Norpac11/1/1988
Airport Food Mart8/23/2010
Airport Leasing7/8/1993
Airporter Shuttle6/1/1985
AIS Northwest12/31/2008
Ajax Towing1/29/2009
AJM's Hawaiian Shaved Ice6/14/2007
Akroteri Foods11/2/2010
Al's Electric & Plumbing4/1/1982
Al's Honda9/1/1980
Al's I-5 RV9/18/1996
Al Larsen Construction6/1/1985
Al Meier Construction6/14/2011
Al Pratt Trucking4/28/2009
Aladdins Lamp Antique Mall12/1/1984
Alan Construction7/18/1991
Alan Rosen Furniture Makers4/1/1984
Alarm Center3/25/1999
Alaska Marine Refrigeration12/13/2004
Albertsons #4168/16/2006
Alca Enterprises11/16/2010
Alcatel-Lucent USA2/1/1996
Alchemy Business Consultants10/19/1994
Alderwood Construction5/30/2000
Alderwood Park Convalescent Center2/28/2002
Aldrich & Associates4/21/2009
Aldrich & De Boer Excavation6/20/2011
Alex W Ilyin OD8/31/2006
Alex & Brandi3/13/2006
Alex & Tile1/31/2007
Alexander McBean MD6/21/2012
Alexandrea Consults10/20/2004
Alexei Ford Design Studios7/15/2004
Alfa Laval4/21/2011
Alford's Salon & Gallery6/14/2010
Alfred Reid Archaeological Consulting5/20/2005
Algerman Enterprises8/1/1989
Ali's Glass Designs1/16/2008
Alignment & Brakes Plus6/16/2008
Aliotti Construction3/31/2009
Alisha P Hugo10/26/2010
All-Star Cleaning & Preservation5/7/2009
All 4 Seasons Windows & Gutters3/23/2010
All About Flowers7/31/2007
All American Fire Protection Service5/6/2010
All American Hearing #11029/18/2007
All American Marine7/12/2000
All American Seamless Gutters4/12/2002
All Around Screenprinting2/4/1993
All Bright Cleaning Solutions10/12/2005
All Brite Services9/15/1993
All City Bail Bonds3/7/2003
All City Catering9/6/2011
All Class Investments12/29/1992
All Clear Publishing2/23/2009
All County Home Repair6/2/1999
All Craft Construction8/26/2009
All Data2/2/2006
All Fields Electric6/20/2007
All Fixed Autointerior7/29/2011
All Fixed AutoInterior4/25/2011
All Glass Plus8/25/2009
All Guard Security Systems5/23/2011
All K Consulting Corporation3/24/2010
All Phase Communications2/1/2005
All Phase Construction1/26/2001
All Phase Finish4/14/1997
All Plumbing2/18/2005
All Season Spraying10/25/2004
All Seasons Heating5/5/2005
All Seasons Heating & Air Conditioning3/20/2009
All Square Builders5/28/2010
All Things Electric5/27/2008
All Tile8/14/2003
All Trades & Associates Inc6/2/2006
Allan G Fitz PhD11/14/2000
Allegro Software4/19/2012
Allen Brackett Shedd10/3/2006
Allen Duct Services3/21/2002
Allen Law Firm2/26/2003
Alliance HealthCare Services6/29/2011
Alliance Nurse Consulting7/31/2007
Alliance Nursing5/7/2007
Alliance One Receivables Management Inc11/6/2002
Alliance Packaging12/22/2010
Alliance Restoration Services3/22/2005
Allied Arts of Whatcom County1/1/1983
Allied Body Works8/19/1994
Allied Electric Service11/1/2010
Allied Enterprises10/23/1997
Allied Fire & Security6/24/1993
Allied Human Resources Consulting4/28/2006
Allied Waste Industries6/1/2011
AlliedBarton Security Services8/21/2006
Alligator Works9/29/2003
Allightech Industries7/24/2009
Allstate Insurance7/27/2010
Allwest Underground9/28/1999
Aloha Motel4/25/2007
Aloha Tile6/30/2009
Along Comes a Baby6/26/2007
Along Comes the Dress4/11/2011
Alpenrose Dairy7/15/2009
Alpha Modalities5/29/2008
Alpha Pest Control2/2/2009
Alpine Cleaning & Restoration10/23/2006
Alpine Electrical Services8/2/2006
Alpine Fire & Safety Systems9/20/1993
Alpine Landscape9/11/1996
Alrite Aluminum Recycling Center7/14/2010
Altama Constuction10/18/2010
Altech Repair & Electric7/13/2001
Alternative Mechanical9/13/2011
Altilty Art Studio1/31/2011
Altus Physical Therapy4/29/2004
Aluma Systems Concrete Construction9/22/2005
Alvord Richardson Construction Company1/1/1970
Amadeus Project, The11/20/2009
Amanda K Rietz1/5/2010
Amanda Woodenleg LMP6/14/2011
Amandeep Kaur4/7/2011
Amano Jyaku1/4/2007
Amarando Painting9/20/2004
Ambient Control Company6/29/2007
Ambius #00245512/19/2003
Ambo Ethiopian Cuisine8/30/2006
AMC Editing3/29/2012
Ameresco Quantum1/21/2011
America's Cup5/30/2012
America 1st Roofing & Builders4/23/2007
American Alpine Institute1/1/1986
American Antiques10/1/1973
American Building & Roofing1/10/2011
American Construction Company9/1/1950
American Drapery & Blinds1/1/1987
American Eagle Outfitters #3879/21/2001
American Elevator Corporation2/1/2000
American Environmental Construction6/18/2003
American Fresh Air9/4/2008
American Greetings9/28/2009
American Honda Motor Company12/10/2002
American Insulation5/4/2009
American Leak Detection6/13/2007
American Medicinal Arts1/4/2012
American Neon7/30/1992
American Painting4/28/2006
American Power Systems3/20/2001
American Printer Service8/3/1999
American Residential Services12/21/1995
American Seating Company2/25/2000
American Sprinkler Corporation1/2/2002
Amerigas Propane3/22/1999
Amigos Korn & Spuds, The8/12/2009
Amjay Screenprinting10/1/1978
Amundson Heating1/6/2011
Amy's Alterations1/25/2007
Amy's Rag Bag7/25/2008
Amy E Kittinger CPA9/9/2002
Amy J Jacobs8/12/2003
Amy J Jensen5/20/2003
Amy Kim Stark9/27/2004
Amy L McKenney MS LMHC2/28/2005
Amy R Tuggle12/13/2010
Amy & Jeffrey Clark11/17/2009
An Employment Solution8/14/1997
Anbahars Black Market Theatre7/25/2006
ANC Vehicle Wash Systems10/17/2006
Anchor Environmental8/31/1999
Anchor Excursions3/15/1995
Anchoring Therapeutic Massage & Spa10/5/2000
Ancient Healing Works3/24/2005
Ancillary Management Solutions8/14/2008
AnCor Inc4/28/2008
And Sew it Goes12/1/2011
ANDCO Media8/24/2011
Andersen Construction1/25/2010
Andersen Structures1/28/2010
Anderson Connell & Carey3/21/2005
Anderson Consulting1/19/1994
Anderson Environmental Contracting11/26/2007
Anderson Painting9/26/1995
Anderson & Associates10/12/2011
Andgar Corporation11/1/1974
Andrea Bump LMP1/31/2007
Andrea Salon Prestige6/23/2004
Andreassen Home Services1/3/2011
Andrew D Peach Attorney at Law12/15/1978
Andrew Howard Design Company9/16/2011
Andrew L Robinson1/31/2011
Andrew Subin Attorney at Law7/23/2003
Andy's Lawn Care3/14/2006
Andy's Sunroof7/19/2006
Andy Refrigeration9/29/2010
Ane Soriano LMP1/28/2008
Anesthesia Equipment Supply5/20/1997
Anew Decor3/25/2008
Angel i'z Events5/9/2012
Angela MacLeod LMP10/9/2000
Angelique M Nordby12/1/2011
Angie's Bail Bonds5/5/2003
Angler Automotive & Mobile Repair1/5/2005
Angus McLane11/15/2010
Anh Ngoc Do2/24/2012
Animal Emergency Care4/30/2002
Animal Eye Care6/4/2001
Anita Hanks Photography2/19/2010
Anji Citron MSW5/11/2004
Ann Doherty Whitney CRNA6/13/2012
Ann L Stodola Esq5/16/2011
Ann M Brinitzer LMP9/9/1999
Ann M Scherr Piano Studio8/9/2010
Anne E Spreng MEd LMHC2/16/2012
Anne Marie Tietjen PhD1/24/1992
Annette M Bagley1/11/2000
Annie E Patrick9/14/2010
Another Wave Fiber Art1/18/2008
Antara Technologies6/2/2008
Anthony's Hearthfire Grill3/29/2007
Anthony's Homeport Restaurant9/14/2001
Anti-Aging LX10/11/2011
Anvil Corporation4/21/1993
Anytime Fitness3/23/2009
Apa's House8/9/2006
Apex Computer Solutions12/31/2001
Apex Directional Drilling2/24/2011
Apex Drafting1/8/2004
Apex Facility Resources2/21/2012
Apex Property Management3/7/2001
Apollo Mechanical Contractors5/14/2012
Apollo Neon3/24/2010
Apple Blossom Cleaning7/20/2006
Apple Computer11/18/2002
Apple Yarns11/2/2007
Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar9/26/2003
Applewood Farm6/20/2011
Applied Concept Enterprises1/31/2012
Applied Digital Imaging1/1/1987
Applied Handling NW4/17/2002
Applied Industrial Technologies2/5/1997
Applied Medical Distribution Corporation3/2/2000
Applied Osteology2/7/2007
Applied Professional Services6/30/2004
Applied Research Northwest1/27/2004
Applied Systems10/6/2006
Applied Technical Systems1/20/1994
Apply A Line5/5/1998
Appointments by Design12/31/2003
Appraisal Group of the Northwest3/10/2003
Appraisals Inq3/7/2006
Apria Healthcare8/22/1995
Aqua Engineering12/12/2008
Aqua Island Technologies7/3/2006
Aqua Terr Systems8/25/1999
Aquatech Well Drilling & Pumps9/25/2001
Aquatic Creations6/27/2001

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